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The purpose of marketing is more than just to increase the number of customers, the average order size or the frequency of orders. It’s about developing and maintaining quality relationships with your most profitable customers. In the final analysis it's about convincing your customer, whether a consumer or a businessperson, that your product or service will make a positive difference for them or their company. Otherwise, learning more about you and your product or service, and eventually buying it, simply isn’t worth the effort. Building a brand is all about establishing the dramatic difference that makes your product or service worth the effort!

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Your business benefits from membership right from the start. The exposure your storefront will receive will instantaneously multiply your marketing power. The following are included in your membership:

  • Power Promotion - Highly-trained Business Planners are promoting every storefront’s offerings daily
  • Captured Customer Base - Every Storefront has an existing captured market of customers. When those buyers go to one storefront to buy, they will go to others, just like any mall!
  • Collective Marketing - Each business also benefits from the advertising and promotional campaigns of others.
  • Corporate Promotion - Storefronts are constantly promoted through programs.
  • Corporate Rebate - Receive an additional rebate from the Network on top of any Storefront deals.
  • Forum System - Pose questions in the Network Intranet for discussion.
  • Announcements - Post Press Releases on the Log In pages.
  • Request for Quotes (RFQ) - Your storefront will have the opportunity to bid on all request for quotes.